Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal does more than remove your hair; it gives you more confidence.  Laser hair removal is the perfect solution for women and men who have unwanted hair.  Laser hair removal is a better alternative to shaving and waxing because it is a permanent solution.  You will no longer have to worry about time, pain, razor bumps, and skin irritation.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?
The laser heats the hair follicle by targeting the melanin.  The hair follicle can only be removed by laser during its active (anagen) phase.

What Areas Can Hair be Removed?
Common Areas of Laser Hair Removal for Women:
Lips, Chin, Under Arms, Chest, Abdomen, Bikini, Legs, and any other area where there is unwanted hair

Common Areas of Laser Hair Removal for Men:
Face, Chest, Back, and any other area where there is unwanted hair

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?
Patients do not report pain.  Some patients state they feel a little sting, but it is not uncomfortable like waxing.

How Long Does it Take to Perform a Laser Hair Removal Treatment?
Treatment time depends on the area of the body and amount of hair being treated.
Treatment time ranges between 30-60 minutes.
You can receive treatment on your lunch break because there is no down time.

Why is more than one treatment necessary?
Laser hair removal is given in a series of treatments 4-6 weeks apart.  Your hair undergoes different phases of growth.  Laser is only effective on hair during the active (anagen) phase.  The number of treatments depends on your hair type and color.  Many people are satisfied with three treatments, and others may want to achieve a bare look and receive more treatments.  The number of treatments are individualized for the look you want to achieve.

What if my skin is a darker tone?
Our lasers are safe and effective on every skin complexion.