How to be a Good Kisser

Scientific research says that kissing is a huge part of one’s personal life.
Overall, the researchers show that the amount a couple kissed was proportional to their level of relationship satisfaction.

Whether you are in a relationship or dating, kissing plays a key role. I did some research and found the perfect tips for the perfect kiss.

1. Prepare your lips and mouth- Use chapstick or lipgloss to smooth over chapped lips, and brush your teeth or use breath mints freshen up.

2. Do a few soft kisses. Start slow with soft, gentle kisses and skip the tongue and the teeth — for now. If your partner seems receptive, you can move forward to French kissing.

3. “Lock” lips. If your initial kisses have gone well, try a lip lock, which can lead to closer kisses.

4. Use your hands. Don’t just let your hands hang at your sides, put them to good use!Kim-Kardashian-Kanye-West-Kissing-2013-Video

5. Use your tongue. Once you’re in a lip lock with your partner’s lower lip between both of yours, lightly run the tip of your tongue over it. If you can move it slowly, even better

6. Mix it up. Don’t feel obligated to keep the intensive tongue activity going forever. Alternate soft and hard, slow and fast, deep and shallow.

7. Increase the intensity with occasional breaks. Pull away for a moment to look into your partner’s eyes, whisper something in his or her ear.

Bonus Tip: Juvederm is a perfect way to obtain attractive lips Juvederm provides lip plumping by using hyaluronic acid to attact water. This action also provides hydration to lips, which will give you attractive kissable lips

Innovative Weight Loss Treatments with Thermotherapy

Innovative Weight Loss Treatments

By: Candice Reid RN

Treating cellulite is one the hardest components of obtaining the “perfect body.”  Thousands of people exercise faithfully and eat the right foods, but still can’t get rid of those stubborn spots of cellulite and extra fat.  When faced with long hours at the gym and no payoff, many people consider cosmetic surgery to get rid of extra fat and unwanted tissue.

Alternatives to Cosmetic Surgery

There are alternatives to cosmetic surgery, that are much less expensive and much more non-invasive. If you’re looking for fat and cellulite reduction, Thermotherapy, Liposonix, and Cool Sculpting are non-invasive options.

However, Themotherapy may be the best option, because it reduces fat and cellulite, as it tightens the skin.  Also, Thermotherapy is painless and has no side effects.

When you’re researching fat and cellulite reduction and skin tightening procedures, you should look into the innovative new treatments.  Sometimes a body just cannot lose all the weight or tone the most stubborn areas.  For this reason, other weight loss treatments should be considered.  There is no reason to go under the knife for cosmetic surgery, when you can easily find a clinician providing non-invasive and painless option.

Fat and Cellulite Reduction: Body Contouring vs Liposuction

Sick and tired of having to hide your muffin top or bulge every time you dress up or go shopping?  Are you interested in finding a permanent solution to these body image issues?  Then, body contouring and liposuction might just have the answer to your worries.  In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of both options and decide which one is the preference for the average American woman.

Body contouring is a non-invasive, painless procedure that usually takes about 30 – 60 minutes per session.  It is performed in phases and, hence, may take a few weeks to a couple of months to be driven to completion.  It mainly targets areas of fat resistant to diet and exercise, and unsupported skin with significant weight loss.  These areas tend to be the upper arms, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. With heat, it shrinks fat cells and cause collagen production.  As a result, fat is decreased and skin is left smooth and tight.  Body contouring can be done on your lunch break and requires no downtime.  What patients love about body contouring for body appearance improvement, is how it really gives you a great boost of confidence and completely changes the way you feel about yourself, almost overnight!

In contrast to body contouring, liposuction is rather a more expensive and invasive procedure.  It fulfills the same purpose of removing extra fat deposits and improving the body shape.  However, this procedure is carried out through use of a cannula, which resembles a stainless small steel tube.  This will be connected onto a powerful pump for suction and put into your deep fat stores through tiny skin incision.  This procedure is carried out under anesthesia.  Also, liposuction does not increase collagen production.  Therfore, it does not provide smooth and tight skin after the procedure.

If you’re looking for an option for cellulite and fat reduction that poses fewer health risks and potential side effects to your body, body contouring is definitely the way to go.  It is cheaper, less invasive, faster, and generally produces equivalent results.  The only difference between the two, lies in the medical procedure of fat removal utilized in each.  Thus, body contouring is the option of preference between the two alternatives discussed above.

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Get Rid of Your Muffin Top with Body Contouring

Do you suffer from unwanted belly fat on your abdomen and other visible body areas?  Does you unwanted body fat make it difficult to wear the flattering dresses?  Are you tired of wearing tight and uncomfortable body slimming garments to hide your muffin top?  Are you just tired of having your muffin top bulging over the top of your jeans?  Enough questions, here is the answer.  Get laser body contouring for fat and cellulite reduction from Forever Young Skin Care.  It is a simple, non-invasive treatment that can put an end to your dilemmas, once and for all.  This technique quickly targets unwanted fat and removes it, in an effective fashion.

Body contouring is one of the most effective fat removal systems that will help you to reduce your muffin top within weeks.  Every session shows remarkable improvement with Forever Young Skin Care staff expertise and skills.  Ideal for both men and women, body contouring effectively dissolves your fat and lipid stores and removes it from your body in the form of metabolic wastes. In other words, it brings out even-toned, smooth skin on your abdomen, upper arms, and thighs.

What’s most appealing to our patients about laser body contouring is that it can help shred your muffin top and give a jump start to a healthy lifestyle.  A healthy diet and exercise is recommended by Forever Young Skin Care to acclerate your results and maintenance of fat loss.  Body Contouring serves as an excellent boost of motivation to most people because it improves the way you look and feel.  Shrink your muffin top and look great in your tight jeans and t-shirts, fast and effectively. The procedure is also safe, convenient, affordable, and simple.  In just 30 minutes, you can blast fat and  reduces cellulite.

Candice Reid RN

Body Contouring

Body Contouring

Body Contouring is an excellent complement to weight loss. It provides skin tighten to reduce the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles. It also shrinks fat cells and targets fat cells that are resistant to exercise. Body contouring is a non invasive treatment that results in a youthful look without the recovery and downtime of liposuction.
How does body contouring work?
Body contouring is a non invasive treatment that uses heat to tighten skin and shrink fat cells. The collagen fibers are contracted to decrease the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles. The contents of fat cells are emptied into the lymphatic system and naturally excreted.

Does body contouring hurt?
No, body contouring does not hurt. Most patients read or nap during the procedure without discomfort.

What is the recovery period after I receive body contouring?
There is no downtime. You can resume normal activities. It can be done during your lunch break.

When will I notice my results?
Most patients notice results after 2-3 treatments.

How long does Body Contouring last?
Body Contouring results will last if a healthy lifestyle is maintained.

How many treatments are needed?
Everyone’s goals and body types are different. Schedule a free consultation. We will perform an assessment and measurements to help you achieve your goals and track your results.